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Step into the modern and lively tango scene in Buenos Aires with Juernes Milonga - the ultimate late-night hotspot that keeps the music going until 6am! Whether you're a seasoned tango dancer or simply looking for a thrilling night out, Juernes Milonga is the perfect place to be.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of tango with our Tango Experience package. Kick off the night with a private tango class for you and your friends, complete with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Let our professional tango instructor guide you through the intricate steps and movements of this passionate dance, helping you connect with the music and rhythm in a personalized and intimate setting.

After the class, tantalize your taste buds with a traditional Argentine dinner, paired with exquisite local wines. Then, get ready to witness a mesmerizing tango performance at the Milonga - how Argentines refer to the tango club for social dancing. This unforgettable experience is guaranteed to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the artistry and passion behind this iconic dance form.

Don't wait - book your Tango Experience today and make memories that will last a lifetime!

2023 Tango Experience program, every Thursday night.


Private Tango class

At 10 pm, a professional tango couple will provide a private tango class, teaching you the moves and techniques of this passionate dance.
Enjoy champagne as you learn.

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Argentine Dinner

Experience a traditional Argentine dinner at the dance club, where you can indulge in the country's iconic dishes. Accompanied by a glass of Argentine wine, savor the flavors of the region as you immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires. 

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12pm Cocktail & Dancing

After the performance, you can enjoy a cocktail while watching locals dance the tango in a lively club setting.
Join in the fun and dance the night away with the locals.


Tango Performance

Following dinner, enjoy a mesmerizing tango performance with a live orchestra.  


Tango Experience
In the coolest Tango Club

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